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I just wanted to remind women that if they need a place to take their vehicle for repairs, I highly recommend Standfast. Their business is operated with integrity and will go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. I have been coming here for approximately 9 years.
Thank you Paul and Zusanna
Judy B

Judy Bryan   

We had an older vehicle which needed brakes, and an emergency brake fixed. They gave us a quote and a recommendation about next costs on some work that would be needed down the road. It was a 2001 and it helped our decision about how long to keep the car. I appreciate that my friends and neighbours have also recommended them to me which makes it easy to trust their advice. Great job! We will be bringing our daughters car in for service soon.

Lisa S   

First i want to say thank you to Standfast.They have always been honest and fair.They take care of my Desiel truck and two cars..I know they stand behind what they do.And Paul is a walking encyclopaedia of mechanical repairs.Many times he would look over my vehicals and say everything is fine.It’s so important to have a checkup once in a while.Preventative maintenance.well thanks again Standfast.

Luc Robillard   

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